About My Work

I have followed a traditional but unexpected route into making sculpture.

After completing A levels I had become interested in undertaking an apprenticeship and during a period of reflection before embarking on a geography degree I placed a rather speculative advert looking for an arts-based apprenticeship.

This lead quickly to a meeting with the sculptor Peter Randall-Page with whom I subsequently worked as an assistant for ten years. This involved working in all aspects involved in the production of stone sculpture, including enlargement by triangulation from maquettes, major exhibitions, international symposia, and numerous public and private commissions.

During this time, which was not only a wonderful introduction to sculpture but also a new way of life, I began to make my own work, and this process has gradually built momentum ever since.

The majority of my work is speculative for exhibition, although this is always complimented by both private and public commissioned work.


This web-site highlights a selection of the sculpture I have completed over the past few years, focusing especially on more recent work in stone and bronze.

There is also a section showing work in progress which will be updated regularly, as well as as images and information on previous commissions and projects.

I am currently represented, by Messums Fine Art, and where applicable I have indicated those pieces that are available through them, and contact details. Their website is

For work indicated as available through my studio, information on commissioning or further information on any particular piece please use the contact links on the site and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In most cases I have included further information on the inspiration and rationale behind my work in the individual descriptions accompanying each piece.

In common with many artists , explaining what is behind the work is in many cases far more difficult than the actual making, although I believe the images of the work speak for themselves.

However there is no substitute for seeing the pieces in real life, and studio/gallery visits can be arranged by contacting me through this web site. In addition I have given full details and contact information on any sculpture currently out on exhibition.