Commissioning Sculpture

Commissioning a Sculpture

There is no hard and fast rule about commissioning a sculpture. It is always best to speak to me directly to discuss options, but before doing so please consider a) your realsitic budget for the project b) if there is a particular time-scale/special event, as I am usually already involved in exhibitions/projects, so a new large commission may take up to 18 months to complete, although the standard time-frame is about 3-6 months.

When undertaking a commission I will always come for a free site-visit first, or can arrange to meet you in my studio, as it is best to get an idea of scale at first hand.

Most people who commission a sculpture already have a 'feel' for the work and have probably seen pieces over several years in gallery exhibitions or outdoor events. All new sculpure is unique, even if it is strongly related to previous work. Some prefer to commission a completely new piece, whilst others prefer something related to a sculpture they have already seen, perhaps in a different stone, or on a different scale.

The intended site, whether indoors or outdoors is very important, but not everyone always has a particular place in mind, and the final resting place is normally an evolutionary process, and the client is always involved at all times.

Studio vists can be arranged whilst the work is in progress, and I always keep people up to date with photographs (unless they prefer to wait and see!)

Any price quoted will include any site visits and the final delivery and safe installation of the the sculpture.

Regarding payment, again there is no hard and fast rule. Instalments can be arranged, but the normal procedure is for a 25% deposit with the balance upon delivery and satisfactorary installation. However larger projects over a longer time span will usually have a different arrangement (typically 25% deposit, 25% at mid-stage, and the remainder upon installation).

Common issues surrounding outdoor sculpture (mainly) will be durability and maintenance, fitting into the existing garden/ landscape regime eg. lawn-mowing / safety with children etc. All these issues can be discussed on the site visit, or over the telephone with me.

As of the 1st of April 2018, because of existing projects in progress, the time to complete a medium sized commision (£10,000-£15,000) is about 6 months.

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Many thanks! 

Dominic Welch